As part of our series of Hat History Lectures, in the Fall of 2010 we will be bringing back two of our most popular past features: Hat Fashion Shows and Trunk shows!

We host educational, exciting, and entertaining shows for large groups, business associations, charity events, and historical societies, as well as custom shows for smaller groups.

  And…please ask about our hat themed tea parties!

To highlight the caliber of our presentations, we would like to share that a recent Southern California art gallery show of vintage French and American Haute Couture hats from our collections, and which was conceived and produced by us, was accepted to The Smithsonian Institute event Art Walk 2008. 


A show can be tailored to your specifications, or you may choose a theme from our current list. We will be happy to work within your group or company’s budget to create a special event that is both affordable and memorable.

             Please contact us for details or to arrange an upcoming show or event.
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