A New Journey

May, 2010 is the beginning of a new journey for me.  This Website is brand new and is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful mother.  I hope to make many new friends along the way as I open my heart, along with opening many old trunks full of antique hats, clothing and textiles.  There are thousands of treasures that mom and I had collected over the past three decades and it is time to let them go to new homes. 
My aim is to not only show, and sell, the treasures from our collections, but to share interesting bits of knowledge about millinery history, milliners, and hat making….all of which I have learned over the past 3 decades of study and research. 

Perhaps others of you will visit these pages and have your own story to share.   Please feel welcome to leave a comment or two, ask a question about hats or millinery, or tell me a bit about your own favorite milliner or hat.
I also have a brand new Blog on typepad.com and have that link below.  While there may not be much on these blogs as yet,  I will strive to post comments here every few days, to update what is new or interesting on the website, or just to chat about hats. 
See you in early May……

Regards,  Madame Babette  5/01/2010


Friday, April 9, 2010
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